Security Awareness Against Data Theft

Practical Cyber Crime Training

In a world of zero-day attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), it pays to create cyber crime and security awareness among your employees and implement an ongoing educational and training plan.

NTP cyber crime and intelligence specialists work with all levels of your organization to make sure there is a strategy in place for all situations. This includes ensuring that your team is using the latest defense tactics to prevent the ever-evolving advanced threats that end in data theft, legal repercussions, and reputation damage.

Computer and internet users face 80 billion malicious scans each day; 33,000 phishing attacks, 4,000 ransomware, and 780,000 records lost to hacking daily.

Awareness Creates Diligence

Manage Risk with Your People

No matter how much IT back-end security your organization has, your weakest link will always be your employees. Most people go through their day without giving a second thought to cyber crime and how vulnerable every click of the mouse makes them. That’s why it is critical to implement a security awareness training program, test it on a regular basis, and continue to educate everyone in your company from the owner to the CEO and the temp who answers the phone.

NTP specialists partner with you to become an extension of your IT team to implement thorough testing and training, and by taking the necessary steps to thwart data theft before it’s too late.

Custom Training Programs

The NTP Personalized Process

Step 1: Social Engineering Testing

Once we assess your IT security system and ensure that you have the necessary solutions in place to keep hackers challenged, the best place to begin is by testing your people by acting like a hacker and getting them to take the bait. Through this process, we are able to define where your vulnerabilities reside, compile comprehensive data to support training, and provide tools to empower your employees to stop data breaches before they happen.

Step 2: Cyber Crime & Safe Data Training

Once we perform social engineering testing and compile the results, NTP cyber security specialists put together custom training sessions that fit your IT data security, regulatory, and compliance requirements, and ensure that every person in your organization realizes the critical nature, the long-term ramifications, and the costs of a single data breach.

If your company would like to dive into security training without the testing first, that’s okay too. Our hands-on, thorough training will change the way your company manages risk.

We employ interactive learning tools, simulated attacks, and detailed compliance information like HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC, ISO, and GDPR, that really bring home the seriousness of cyber crime, how easy it is to be a victim, and the destruction a security breach can bring.

Step 3: Ongoing – Engage, Test, Measure

Once security awareness training has been implemented, we encourage an open-door policy without repercussion if someone suspects they are in the process of being hacked. We have reporting tools that are easy to use and empower employees to be their own best defense, alerting us or your IT team immediately.

After some time, we test and measure again, and repeat this process throughout the year. Besides having the built-in IT cyber security that ARGISS provides, there is no better solution than having a company full of watchdogs who value their own privacy and their company’s profitability.

Cyber crime is relentless, undiminished, and unlikely to stop. It is too easy and too rewarding, and the chances of being caught and punished are perceived as being too low.

Start Your Awareness Program Today

When it comes to computers, knowledge is power. NTP’s expert security team works personally with your organization to make sure you and your employees understand your system and what to watch for in term of security breaches.

Our goal is to ensure that your company or organization is ready to obstruct the increasingly aggressive and persistent cyber crime attempts on your data and empower you for the challenges of the future. Contact us today.