Security Assessments

Evaluate Platforms For Security & Compliance

A thorough examination of your network results in favorable service ratings from regulatory examiners at a price that is unparalleled. 

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Incident Response

24/7 Emergency Response

When hacked, speed is the name of the game. With quick response, NTP can contain and stop data loss. 

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Penetration Testing

Proactively Mitigate Vulnerabilities

Our team simulates malicious attacks on your organization’s information network, facilities, and systems.

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Security Awareness

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Cyber attacks happen every 14 seconds. Employ a well-defined training and analysis program to safeguard data.

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Web Application Assessment

Evaluate & Eliminate Risks

Analyzes your web applications from a hacker's perspective and remove risks.

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Social Engineering

Expose Internal Vulnerabilities

Reveals hacking dangers and provides opportunities for better security.

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Virtual CISO

Chief Information Security Officer

Providing your executive team with a valuable, affordable security resource.

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Firewall Review

Correct Firewall Architecture

Review, configure, choose the right firewalls for your system.

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Network Vulnerability Assessment

Eliminate Security Gaps

Find and eliminate the weaknesses in your entire computer network system.

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Cyber Intelligence

24/7 Security Solutions

Are you 100% certain your company is protected against a cyber attack? Cyber crime is disastrously serious – if your business is not proactive and innovative in your approach to thwarting theft of your employees’ and customers’ information, your trade secrets, financials, research, and other sensitive data, it is not a matter of “if” you become a victim, but “when.”

Welcome to NTP, a cyber security intelligence firm focused on your success. We are more than just a cyber security company – we provide personal service with a sharp anticipatory, investigative focus and loss prevention through ARGISS – our next-generation customizable solution.

We use human investigative expertise and advanced technology solutions to preventatively safeguard your data and minimize vulnerability because computer and network systems “protection” alone is not enough anymore.

Juniper Research data suggests that cyber crime will cost businesses over $2 trillion in 2019.

Cyber security Partner

Custom Integrated Solutions

According to the Cisco/Cybersecurity Ventures 2019 Cybersecurity Almanac, cyber attacks are now happening roughly every 14 seconds, up from 39 seconds in 2016, and the majority of those are due to human error, system software, and system failure. These attacks have become more pervasive, more dangerous, increasingly sophisticated, deeply intrusive, and harder to repair.

So how do you choose the best way to protect your data and your company from these invasive threats? With NTP as your cyber crime partner, you don’t have to. We employ the following services to ensure your data is secure.

  • Exceptional personal service that is sincere, innovative, progressive, reliable, and empathetic.
  • ARGISS – proprietary next-gen solutions, hardware, software, implementation, continuous innovation, firewalls, upgrades, and more.
  • In-depth assessments, vulnerability testing, problem-solving, and data recovery.
  • Partner services and training – long-term partnering with our corporate-level, high-quality, skilled team who provides cyber intelligence expertise, training, certifications, and compliance.
  • Disaster Recovery – quick 24/7 response, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and complete confidentiality.
  • Consulting – personalized, executive advisory, and proprietary programs for every IT area of your business.
  • vCISO expertise and options.