Advanced Cyber Security for Business

Is Your Data Truly Safe?

Anyone in business knows cyber crime is one of the biggest threats to their business – if not THE biggest threat. Do you feel your data is safe because you’ve been using the same cybersecurity for years? Do you know if it’s keeping pace with the ever-evolving intelligence and actions of the hackers and cyber criminals? If you’re not sure – it’s time to find out.

For over 20 years, NTP has partnered with companies and organizations like yours to detect and manage cyber threats and minimize vulnerability. As cyber crime escalates, protection alone isn’t enough anymore – that’s why we created ARGISS with MDR.


What is ARGISS with MDR?

Cyber Intelligence That Powers Security

ARGISS with MDR (Managed Detection and Response) is a unique blend of next-generation proprietary technology, human investigative expertise, a curated library of best-practice tools, and trusted advisory services to keep your data safe and meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

NTP’s advanced system, customized to your business, can give you peace of mind and the capacity to focus on the business of your business rather than whether your data is safe.

  • ARGISS is a proprietary MDR system with continually advancing technology that safeguards employee and customer data, as well as financial, healthcare, intellectual property, and other data.
  • Decades of cyber intelligence, human expertise, FBI connections, exceptional investigative skills, and problem-solving proficiency.
  • Curated solutions with best-practice tools and products from first-class vendors.
  • Services and training that exceeds expectations and meets regulatory compliance.
  • Proven recovery process for small, medium, and Fortune 500-sized companies and organizations.
  • Advisory services you can depend on for consulting and partnering for strategic industry relationships.

The ARGISS Difference

Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers

Because of today’s cyber crime climate, there are many cybersecurity companies and systems in the marketplace. So how do you know you’re getting the best of the best and that your data is truly safe? With proof. NTP can prove you’re getting the very best, most thorough cyber intelligence services available, many of which are not offered by others. These services include:

  • Unlimited 24/7 always-on monitoring.
  • Real-time inspection of every network packet utilizing full-packet capture.
  • Detection of unknown attacks leveraging patterns and behavioral analysis.
  • Continuous human-driven inspection.
  • Altering of suspicious behavior.
  • Confirmation of true positive.
  • 24/7 forensic investigation and SOC support.
  • Evidence collection, dissection, processing, analysis.
  • Response plans for specified incidence.
  • Remediation verification.
  • Penetration testing.
  • External and internal assessments.
  • FBI experience and connections.

24/7 Active Threat Monitoring

NTP provides a scalable, always-on, security solution tailored to your network, policies, and key performance indicators (KPI), alleviating costly cap-ex. With real-time network visibility and tools, NTP will eliminate the white noise and illuminate anomalies for investigation and remediation. Our security team provides 24/7 Enterprise Monitoring with Active Threat Hunting in order to quickly detect, validate, and eradicate threats within your environment.

Get Started With An Analysis

The only way to know if your system is protected and the vulnerabilities are closed is with an NTP assessment. Our team is here to see that you don't become a cyber crime victim, jeopardizing your business and everyone associated with it. Contact us today for your complimentary analysis and find out what ARGISS can do for you. 636-458-4995

Complimentary Analysis

To learn where your vulnerabilities exist and how we can help you eliminate them, contact us today for a no-obligation cyber security and compliance analysis.