Professionally Managed Cyber Security

Security Services by Security Professionals

Over 20 years of security service refined

The ever-evolving cyber security threats have made the separation of duties and diversity of tools more important than ever. Most IT service providers have begun bundling security tools into their existing offering, but those tools are only as good as the team behind them. With ARGISS, your organization is protected by a true security platform, built with the best industry tools for securing each aspect of your environment.  In addition, NTP backs our tool set with an internal development team and over 20 years of security focused experience.

Unlike other providers, NTP has strictly focused on security since our beginning and refined the many years of knowledge gained into our services. You need more than just a good IT team to compete with today’s evolving threats, ARGISS aims to augment your IT team as their official security partner. From endpoint to employee, we make sure your protected.

Managed SIEM Evolved

Protecting your environment starts with early detection, but early detection requires the right data. 

ARGISS Core provides your organization with amazing detection capability via NTP’s custom Network Security Monitor. NTP sets up the necessary data feeds (without gathering unnecessary noise) to streamline the detection process and decrease the time to detect malicious behavior.

Continuous Threat Monitoring

Infrequent vulnerability assessments are a thing of the past, your threat landscape is constantly evolving, so should your vulnerability management

ARGISS TVM provides continuous vulnerability monitoring and reporting with advanced tactics from our Red Team. The results will be regularly reviewed and recommendations from our vCISO team will help your team focus remediation on the vulnerabilities most likely to be attacked by a bad actor. Validation tracking makes sure your remediation process is working as intended, allowing you to focus on your brand with confidence.

Next Generation Protection

Endpoint based protection powered by SentinelOne and enhanced by the ARGISS team

Anyone can provide endpoint services with todays tools, but few have the training and expertise needed to truly manage them. ARGISS Protect uses the industry’s top rated tool, Sentinel One. Our team of security professionals works with you to provide the training you need to enhance your daily endpoint needs and fills in the gaps with security focused monitoring, analysis, and action.

Focusing the Human Element

Managed Phishing and Training to keep your employees security minded. Make your layer 8 the first line of defense.

Today most companies have a security awareness training and automated phishing tool. Malicious Phishers are constantly changing up their attacks and your simulated phishing exercise’s should keep pace. ARGISS Aware lets our team take care of keeping your Phish fresh. Combined with online training and reporting, ARGISS Aware focuses your employees on security both in the office and at home.

Threat Hunting

Keeping a Human Touch

With the advent of machine learning and advanced tools, most security has become reactionary, or audit based. While these methods are important, there is still so much to be gained from keeping a human advantage. ARGISS’s team of Threat Hunters not only react to security events and audit controls, but they also continue to hunt. These hunts aim to find anomalous events and information without existing patterns or established behaviors. We combine ARGISS services to provide a rich source of data to mine for new and unknown events to better understand what’s happening on your network.


24/7 Threat Monitoring

NTP provides a scalable, always-on, security solution tailored to your network. With real-time visibility and tools, NTP will eliminate the white noise and illuminate anomalies for investigation and remediation. Our security team provides 24/7 Enterprise Monitoring with Threat Hunting in order to quickly detect, validate, and eradicate threats within your environment.