Banish Cyber Crime Vulnerabilities

Are You An Easy Target?

How do you know if your business, employee, and customer/client data is vulnerable? Or if the security software you currently use is as complete as it should be or if it’s even working?

Cybersecurity threats and compliance regulations are evolving and increasing. As a business professional, we know you understand the importance of high-level protection to keep your data secure and reduce your vulnerability, but are you aware that protection alone isn’t enough anymore? So, how do you truly know if you are an easy target?

NTP Investigative Experts

Investigation & Remediation

The only way to know if you have a compliance-required level of cybersecurity is with a multi-level security assessment. At NTP, our elite team of experts, with over 20 years of experience, and a comprehensive menu of security assessment tools will eliminate vulnerabilities and illuminate anomalies for investigation and remediation.

Once we investigate, using a unique blend of proprietary technology, human investigative expertise, and best-practice tools, we develop a plan to reduce your risk and implement the necessary protocols to protect your company’s valuable data.

Safety Starts With An Assessment

In-Depth IT Evaluation

The first step in any analysis is the cyber security investigation. Initially, our team conducts the following assessments to find your weak areas and gain insight before making any cyber intelligence solutions recommendations.

  • Active Directory Assessment – comprehensive, detailed report of overall network activity; identifies missing machines or technology and reduces insider threat.
  • Application Assessment – vulnerability scan of specific issues that can be missed with standard testing. Focuses on default content, misconfigurations, and error conditions results that reduce time to repair or assess code.
  • IT Security Policies Evaluation – we stay current with industry standards and compliance requirements in order to identify holes or potential liabilities in your company’s security policies.
  • Penetration Validation – this critical test of exploitability through ethical hacking reveals holes in your internal, external, and web applications without disrupting activity or destroying data or devices.
  • Social Engineering Exercises & Testing – social engineering is the act of manipulating human behavior through malicious phishing, texting, baiting, and tailgating (or piggybacking) to acquire confidential information.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – identifies and classifies security gaps in workstations, servers, and network devices.

These tests reveal vulnerabilities so we can arm you with the knowledge and technology to avoid becoming a victim. We also cover common breach symptoms with your team so each end-user can recognize a compromise as soon as it happens. Keeping your data safe and compliant is critical to remaining in business.

The Next Step in Cyber Security Intelligence

Recommendations & Solutions

What happens when we find vulnerabilities? NTP will make recommendations to ensure that you achieve and maintain IT compliance in the ever-changing environment of regulatory standards. By implementing our proprietary cyber intelligence system, ARGISS with MDR, customized to your company’s IT and security needs, you will be more than just “protected.” ARGISS continually detects where your vulnerabilities lie and responds by keeping your data safe, as well as compliant.

Market & Industry Specific Assessments

Compliance & Regulatory

Our team of senior certified security consultants has evaluated platforms that are both market and industry-specific. This experience translates into a more thorough and efficient examination of your network, resulting in favorable service ratings from regulatory examiners at a price that is unparalleled when comparing overall value. NTP has conducted hundreds of assessments ranging from small to mid-size organizations to Fortune 500 companies, and we can do the same for you.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Our team will work with all levels of your organization to examine your risk, ensure that there is a strategy in place for all situations, and confirm that your team is using the latest tactics to prevent damaging cyber security threats. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact our team today for a safer tomorrow. 636-458-4995