Web Application Vulnerabilties

Assessments & Solutions

Have you considered that your company’s website and web-based applications might be vulnerable to suspicious network anomalies or cyber crime?

Security weaknesses can come from configuration, developmental flaws, deployment, the upgrade process, maintenance, third-party add-ons, and internal changes like new information or photo uploads. These in-roads for hackers can leave your company and those doing business with you susceptible to stolen data.

NTP’s proprietary combination of web application security assessment tools and services evaluate your web app vulnerabilities and help you eliminate them.

"Any web application can be a target, regardless of its functionality. Attacks aim to obtain sensitive information and target web application users."

NTP Web Application Services

Continous Security

Our web application security services include a variety of vulnerability scanners, firewall architecture, code analyzers, and penetration testing tools that perform website security checks and monitor for malicious activity from the server hosting the app to any back-end APIs.

Our zero-downtime, cloud-based testing analyzes your web applications from a hacker's perspective and continues throughout the software development lifecycle. Assessments are always running, 24/7, removing risks associated with website oversight, and checking for the following:

  • Safety and security checks for every automatic website update
  • Assessments of safe coding practices
  • Secure firewalls
  • Vulnerabilities and areas of exposure
  • Installation of necessary protocols for safe operation

Once we establish where your web app vulnerabilities are, we provide a multipronged approach to securing your web applications, documentation that meets regulatory standards, and a comprehensive plan of action for up-to-the-minute web app security, including firewalls to detect and prevent attacks.

Meeting regulatory and compliance, including PCI-DSS and HIPAA, and IT security best-practices with web applications means keeping your data safe and your business operational.

Why Choose NTP?

In-Depth Experience Matters

With decades of front-line cyber intelligence experience, cyber crime expertise, FBI connections, proven security and IT methods, and our proprietary, customizable ARGISS, our passionate team does more than just “protect” your IT.

We prevent, detect, protect, respond, remediate, and continuously monitor security vulnerabilities and threats. We can be your complete security and intelligence partner, offering data safety, compliance, and IT services in every area, including but not limited to:

"Hackers do not take holidays, weekends, or vacations. Nor do they keep regular working hours—web applications can be attacked on any day of the week and at any time."

Let's Identify & Eliminate Your Vulnerabilities

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