Ongoing Security Maintenance

Reduce Cybercrime Risk

Cybercrime isn’t going away – it is only getting worse – and all-sized companies are being targeted. Collecting personal data is the hackers’ business – and it’s BIG business – costing organizations multimillions of dollars to thwart data breaches and clean up the mess left after a hacking incident.

Decreasing risk and anticipating vulnerabilities is not simply a matter of installing the latest cyber security technology one time and carrying on with business as usual. Special attention must be given to creating and implementing routine maintenance and updating of equipment, software, and training protocols.

NTP provides an anticipatory, investigative focus and loss prevention through our next-generation proprietary ARGISS with MDR system, human investigative expertise, advanced technology, training, and security maintenance management.

Security Competency

Anticipate Vulnerabilities

Cyber security starts with your people, then your processes, and lastly the technology used to run your business and keep your data secure. To have proper overall data security requires a host of elements coming together – none of them can be left out – or your data and IT will be vulnerable.

A complete NTP management program of cyber security and intelligence protection develops competencies for operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). Integrating these is the key to unlocking the unique challenges of securing your data and systems.

Our personalized maintenance management program employs prevention, detection, proactive planning, response, testing, analyzing, logging, and strategy that evolves over time and with your needs. Ensuring a strong defense against cyber attacks requires a continuous effort.

NTP Maintenance Management

The Benefits

Maintenance management for security and cyber intelligence is a logical and necessary action in the war on cyber crime. Keeping your employees’, customers’, clients’, financial, intellectual property, and trade secrets safe from a breach is not only good business, it is a requirement of many regulatory agencies and compliance conditions.

Protection from data breaches requires thoughtful, thorough, and ongoing management of many variables. With an NTP Maintenance Management program, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • A personal team of NTP experts dedicated to your maintenance, providing consistency and continuity.
  • Budget-minded: our maintenance services keep IT expenses manageable and predictable.
  • Ongoing compliance activities: logging, monitoring, preventative scanning, awareness training.
  • Detection: second-by-second scanning to discover ransomware and other malicious attempts before they succeed.
  • Eradicate threats: as attacks are preventatively detected, we notify you and eradicate them.
  • Empower you and your staff to move forward with business growth knowing your data is secure.

Your Trusted Cyber Security & Intelligence Team

As other needs arise, like detailed assessments and pen testing, you have a team who knows you, your business, your goals, and your cyber security protocol, keeping costs down and productivity up. Mitigating risks and vulnerabilities also allow us to respond to executive leadership requests and regulatory and compliance agencies easily and quickly. No stone is left unturned – your success is our objective.

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Complimentary Analysis

To learn where your vulnerabilities exist and how we can help you eliminate them, contact us today for a no-obligation cyber security and compliance analysis.