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Have You Been Compromised?

If you have been hacked, contact us immediately to stop further damage, more lost files, and a cascade of costly data breaches. Our experienced emergency response team is here 24/7 and can help right away.

Every 39 seconds, hackers are outsmarting average cyber security systems and infiltrating data files through some of the simplest measures – emails, apps, and common platforms. Whether your business has one computer or hundreds, it is not a matter of “if” you get hacked, it’s a matter of “when.”

Going forward, what really matters is how will you fix it and how do you stop it from happening again?

"In 2017, the average number of records lost to hacking was 780,000 per day."

We've Been Hacked

What Happens Now?

Once a breach happens, speed is the name of the game. With quick response, NTP can classify the level of each breach and the data taken. From these resources, we work to contain the at-risk machines and stop further loss of data.

After a security breach is detected, we quickly follow six steps for addressing the problem: containment, analysis, repair, communication, defense bolstering, and training. That way your organization’s data is further protected.

When the breach is cleared, we begin recovery with a wide array of proprietary tools to assess the post-breach security of your system. From there, we recover and/or repair the systems in question.

Documentation & Costs of Stolen Data

All data collected and actions taken are expertly documented for the necessary authorities. We also run a network security analysis and computer and data forensics, should the need arise.

Using new industry solutions like the iScan Data Breach Risk Intelligence Scanner, we provide a comprehensive cost estimate of at-risk data, as well as its location/permissions within your organization. This assists with preparation, as well as detection, of the vulnerable data.

With the use of Data-at-Rest Analysis, we can create detailed reports showing:

  • What data is at risk.
  • Where your sensitive data resides.
  • How attackers got to/can get to the data.
  • Who has access to the data within your company/network.
  • Your personalized security number – a value given to the data based on current market value, severity of vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access level.

With our expert investigative skills, documentation, and state-of-the-art tools, we make securing your sensitive data and communicating with the appropriate authorities a painless task.

63% of hacks are from compromised user passwords; 92% of malware is still delivered by email.

Disaster Recovery

A Plan & IRT Team

Once we finish the immediate post-breach analysis and repair, we take all the data and improve upon your network and cyber security plan.

Our goal is to help your organization learn from the incident and fully bolster your defenses against future cyber crime; attacks are happening continually. Unless you have updated knowledge, tools, and a plan, you will most likely suffer a similar experience again.

After modifying your network, we work with your employees to train them in the rules/technologies required to maintain your new level of security.

We then assess your organization, put a plan of action together, and recommend a custom ARGISS solution tailored to your exact needs, before any other breach occurs.

Your company will now have a structured and quick response to this breach while mitigating future hacks. Having a plan and a fully prepared Incident Response Team (IRT), either internally or with NTP, are also part of a mature data safety program.

FACT: A conservative estimate of 2018 cyber crime profitability – $1.5 trillion.

  • Illegal online markets: $860 billion.

  • Trade secret/IP theft: $500 billion.

  • Data trading: $160 billion.

  • Crime-ware, CaaS: $1.6 billion.

  • Ransomware: $1 billion.

Contact Us Right Away

Our security team provides 24/7 Enterprise Monitoring with Active Threat Hunting in order to quickly detect, validate, and eradicate threats within your environment. Call us right away if you have been a victim of cyber crime. We can help! 636-458-4995