Do You Have the Right Firewall?

Depth of Security

Cyber attacks are growing in frequency and becoming more costly; targets are widening and still quite easy to manipulate – mainly due to human error and having the wrong cybersecurity tools in place. Even a common tool, like a firewall, can become outdated and less effective very quickly.

NTP cyber security experts are proficient at navigating the ever-changing world of cyber intelligence. We can help your business eliminate data theft by reviewing the type of firewall you’re using, configure the right firewall for your needs, and help you understand why such firewalls would be right for your business.

Multiple Firewall Layers

Eliminate External Data Breaches

We know your business uses a firewall to protect your network from external cyber threats. However, are you using your firewall effectively? Business firewall management is complex and the consequences of an ineffectively-managed firewall can be severe.

For decades, NTP security specialists have seen the damage that just one layer of cyber security protection has caused – it is never enough to stop data breaches and theft of intellectual property. The best network protection comes from multiple layers of security and firewalls, both at the perimeter and separating different assets on your network.

When we do a review of your firewall configuration, we may recommend multiple firewalls to create a depth of security that isolates different assets, making hackers work much harder to reach your most sensitive information.

NTP Firewall Services

Maintenance & Monitoring

To determine which firewalls fit your company’s needs the best, we will do an assessment of your current firewalls, the capabilities of your network, which compliance and regulation requirements are needed for your industry, and your internal IT resources for future management of these firewalls.

If there is no internal IT person to maintain and monitor your firewalls and layers of cyber security, NTP offers virtual CISO. We are your multilevel cyber security partner, giving you peace of mind so you carry on with the business at hand knowing your data is protected.

Reduce the Risk of Stolen Data

For the last 20+ years, NTP has partnered with businesses and organizations – just like yours – to offer cyber security solutions and compliance services to protect critical assets and reduce the risk of data breaches –from both internal and external attacks. Reach out to our team today. 636-458-4995.