Data Breach Liability

See Where Your Data Resides

Are you confident that your company’s data is where it should be – safe and sound within your securely protected network? With smartphones, apps, mobile devices, and cloud-based systems in every employee’s possession – the reality is – your data is extremely vulnerable.

Data is where you least expect it. Now, with NTP's data breach threat analysis, you can see every unprotected piece of data within your company, from credit cards in Dropbox to intellectual property in email folders, and protect it from hackers.

Because our solution integrates data discovery and vulnerability detection, you can see the calculated liability exposure of a potential data breach. And that liability is never small; one hacking incident can destroy a business in one second.

4 billion data records of various kinds were stolen in 2016.

Who Has Your Data?

Network Protection Alone is Ineffective

Is your data being scanned by cyber criminals right now? Chances are – it is. NTP provides a sharp anticipatory, investigative focus and loss prevention through data breach analysis and cyber intelligence solutions.

Our next-generation proprietary system – ARGISS, human investigative expertise, and advanced technology proactively safeguards your data and minimizes vulnerability – because computer and network systems “protection” alone is not enough anymore.

Our highly-experienced security specialists and systems work to detect data on every internal and external device, prevent exposure, define your liability, respond, report, and plan – we outsmart the hackers to keep your data and business safe.

Platforms connect people, and with stolen data in hand, phishing campaigns can be launched to download malware onto targeted corporate systems. Even better, the details of CEOs or executives can be illicitly acquired.

Powerful Non-Intrusive Discovery

Immediate Results

Our proprietary next-gen solutions automatically scan virtually every device on and off the network –servers, PCs, and mobile devices – for at-risk unprotected data, who has access to that data, and what vulnerabilities leave your confidential data exposed.

Analytics & Reporting

Via our user-friendly dashboard, your IT manager can gain powerful insight to measure your exposure to a breach, be able to illustrate what type of data is at risk, where it was found, and the cost if you are compromised.

“The average ransomware attack costs a company $5 million.”

Built-In Data Discovery Scanning

  • Payment Card Scan: Searches for unencrypted credit card PAN primary account number data and is validated with the Luhn algorithm.
  • Personal Data Scan: Discovers social security numbers, credit card numbers, driver’s license data, and dates of birth.
  • Custom Data Discovery: This option enables you to specify other variations of sensitive information such as trade secrets, intellectual property, and additional forms of PII.

Cyber crime can be catastrophic to your business. If your IT and cyber security systems do not include a comprehensive data breach threat analysis for all forms of technology, the threat of your employees’ and customers’ information, your trade secrets, financials, research, and other sensitive data falling into the wrong hands is more likely than not.

Data Breach Threat Analysis – A Smart Investment

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Complimentary Analysis

To learn where your vulnerabilities exist and how we can help you eliminate them, contact us today for a no-obligation cyber security and compliance analysis.