Welcome to NTP

Your Cyber Security Force

Welcome to NTP, a cyber security intelligence firm like no other! For over 20 years, NTP has provided cutting-edge, real-time cyber security and information technology, specializing in small-to-mid-sized companies and organizations with advanced security needs. We are personally involved in proactively helping your business stay secure with the latest and most customizable cyber security solutions and partners in the industry.


Created Just For You

We are more than just cyber security – we provide a sharp anticipatory, investigative focus and loss prevention through ARGISS, our next-generation proprietary system that creates customized cyber solutions specific to your company, human investigative expertise, and advanced technology.

The ARGISS team of elite security analysts hunts, investigates, and responds proactively to threats before they become emergency-inducing disasters. We believe in prevention to safeguard your data and minimize vulnerability – computer and network systems “protection” alone is not enough anymore.

Our Experienced Team

Exceptional Personal Service

Our main objective is that your network is never compromised. With NTP, you get the most effective custom cyber security and cyber intelligence services and solutions in the marketplace. With decades of experience and FBI connections, you can feel safe knowing you are protected with:

  • Exceptional personal service that is sincere, innovative, progressive, reliable, and empathetic.
  • ARGISS – proprietary next-gen solutions, hardware, software, implementation, continuous innovation, firewalls, upgrades, and more.
  • In-depth assessments, vulnerability testing, problem-solving, and data recovery.
  • Partner services and training – long-term partnering with our corporate-level, high-quality, skilled team who provides cyber intelligence expertise, training, certifications, and compliance.
  • Disaster Recovery – quick 24/7 response, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and complete confidentiality.
  • Consulting – personalized, executive advisory, and proprietary programs for every IT area of your business.
  • vCISO expertise and options.