NTP provides a broad range of solutions to secure the diverse elements of your organization, to ensure integrity, confidentiality,

and availability of your IT infrastructure, business systems and data.

Data Discovery & Classification

While companies know where sensitive data is expected to be, reality is often quite different.  With Data Discovery & Classification, we will assess your environment and present detail findings to help you understand your vulnerabilities relative to sensitive data

Data Recovery

We can help you salvage data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Often the data are being salvaged from storage media such as internal or external hard disk drives, solid-state drives (SSD), USB flash drive, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and other electronics. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system (OS).

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the process of uncovering and interpreting electronic data. The goal is to preserve evidence in its most original form for the purpose of reconstructing past events.  Our team of experts uses these techniques when investigating crimes, internal policy violations, reconstructing computer security incidents, troubleshooting operational problems, and recovering from accidental system damage.  

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking helps organizations to identify potential threats to computer systems and computer networks. An ethical hacker attempts to bypass system security and search for weak points that could be exploited by malicious hackers. This information is then used by the organization to improve the system security, in an effort to minimize or eliminate any potential attacks.  We are a reputable and experienced ethical hacker and ensure an efficient and productive assessment. 

Incident Response

It’s not a question of  “If” you will be compromised, but “when”, and “how” will you respond.  We are here to help you both plan and prepare for how you will handle security incidents. We will also help you in critical times to properly handle security issues. Through a comprehensive offering of incident handling and forensic services, we have assisted thousands of customers of all sizes. 

Security Planning

Is everything in your system up to standard? Are you next-gen firewall policies optimized and is your IPS system catching all the internal/ external attacks?  With our consultation we can help find vulnerabilities like these in your network and show you the best course of action to take in fixing them. We help you plan the steps necessary to make your organization as secure as possible.

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IT Risk Assessment

Our experts complete a thorough assessment of your technology infrastructure and provide detailed finding and recommendations to help validate the architecture, configuration and implementation of your technology assets along with organizational policies, procedures and practices.  Our scope will include:  I.T. resources (hardware and software), manpower, use of information technology resources, network design, software updates, layered protocols and policies / procedures.  

Penetration Testing

With Pen Testing, our team of Ethical Hackers simulates malicious attacks (from outsiders or internal staff) on an organization’s information network, facilities and systems.  We execute a range of attack vectors and methodologies including:  open ports, Wi-Fi passwords, packet sniffing, phishing schemes, browser exploits and social engineering. We work to exploit known vulnerabilities and identify specific weaknesses (unknown vulnerabilities) in an organization’s network, facilities and systems.  The result is a detailed report of findings and prioritized remediation recommendations. 

Policy & Procedures

Many organizations are being challenged to update outdated security policies and procedures or, develop these for the first time.  Our experts can ease this burden and help you create modern, robust, powerful protection for your most valuable assets.  

Security Assessment

The Security Assessments performed by NTP follow a standard assessment methodology beginning with reconnaissance, vulnerability enumeration and penetration testing for validation. The resulting comprehensive report should be treated as extremely sensitive as it provides details and proofs of vulnerabilities, which could lead to a breach if not resolved. NTP treats all client data as sensitive and adheres to strict non-disclosure agreements providing solutions for problems as soon as they are discovered. 

Security Strategy

Our Strategic Security Assessment will identify and explain your existing security environment and current practices and how these are suited to protect your organization from attack and to comply with the regulations your industry requires. Our holistic approach to will identify potential vulnerabilities throughout your enterprise. 

Social Engineering

Social engineering, in the context of information security, refers to the manipulation of human behavior, into performing actions or divulging confidential information.  We perform Social Engineering exercises to promote general security awareness and “End User” security training.  The exercise is to gather confidential information, that would allow an unknown actor to commit fraud, or gain unauthorized access to a system or facility.  Exercises include:  Email Phishing, Phone Contact, Baiting, Human Compliance. 

Threat Analysis

Internal and External – we look at all sides of your organization to make sure you’re as threat free as possible. Minimizing threats means cutting down risks before they happen. Our team of experts will work on making sure you’re always up to date on the threats within your system with scheduled professional Int/Ext analysis and detailed reports.

Web Application Assessment

This assessment is intended to identify external threats and vulnerabilities on your web applications. Gain insight into the resilience of an application to withstand attack from unauthorized users and the potential for valid users to abuse their privileges and access. The assessment evaluates the security of the application against best practice criteria to validate security mechanisms and identify application level vulnerabilities. During the testing, we will identify potential weaknesses as a result of inadvertent misconfiguration, weak authentication, insufficient error handling, sensitive information leakage and more. 

Virtual CISO

Many organizations do not have the luxury of an in-house senior security officer.  Yet, the need to have organizational leadership to establish and maintain the enterprise vision, strategy and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected is critical to protecting your organization.   In these situations, we offer a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to provide your executive team with this valuable resource. 

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure. Additionally, this process can forecast the effectiveness of proposed countermeasures and evaluate their actual effectiveness after they are put into use.   With this assessment no active intrusion is attempted by our team, ensuring systems will remain unaltered.  

Data Breach Risk Assessment

This is one of the latest advancements in enterprise security.   With this assessment, we scan your systems and devices to identify unprotected data housed within systems with vulnerabilities.  We then go further to quantify and prioritize the data breach risk and potential costs in case of a breach. 


Enterprise Managed Security

[ A Really Good Information Security System ]
In todays’ economic environment, companies are shrinking their IT budgets while security threats are ever-increasing, NTP offers a range of managed security services so that any organization can be protected from cyber security threats and meet compliancy without having to acquire solutions or hire expensive and rare security talent. These managed security services are available for on-premise data centers, hosted systems and cloud-based environments.

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