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Data Breaches

Cyber attacks are growing rapidly in complexity, Advanced Persistent Threats are undetected for long periods of time, and data breaches are more common every day. Every organization should have a well-defined and in-depth incident response plan in place; one complete with documented policies and procedures, including with essential forms and templates to be used as necessary.

We strive to ensure the overall confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of your organizations network.

With the use of Data At Rest Analysis, we can create detailed reports showing: what data is at risk, how attackers can get to the data, who has access to the data within your network, and your personalized security number (a value given to the data based on current market value, severity of vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access level).

7 Steps To Properly Addressing A Security Breach

  • 1 - Preparation
  • 2 - Detection
  • 3 - Initial Response and Containment
  • 4 - Security Analysis / Repair & Discovery
  • 5 - Communication
  • 6 - Post Incident Activities & Awareness
  • 7 - Testing & Training

We assess your organization and help you to set a plan of action for use before the breach occurs. This allows you to have a structured and quick response to the breach. Not only a plan, but also having a fully prepared Incident Response Team (IRT) is also a must.

Using new industry tools like the iScan data breach risk intelligence scanner, we can give you comprehensive cost estimates of at-risk data, as well as its location/permissions within your organization. This assists with preparation as well as detection of the vulnerable data.

Once a breach happens, speed is the name of the game. With quick response, we can classify the level of each breach and the data taken. From these resources, we work to contain the at-risk machines and stop further loss of data.

Once the breach is cleared we can begin to recover. We use a wide array of industry standard tools to assess the post breach security of your system. From there we can start to recover or repair the systems in question that were breached. All data collected and actions taken in this step are expertly documented for communication with higher management or the necessary authorities. We have the capabilities to run not only network security analysis, but also computer and data forensics, should the need arise.

With our expert documentation and tools we make communicating with organization leaders and appropriate authorities a painless task.

Once we finish the immediate post breach analysis and repair we will help your company to take our data and improve upon your network and breach plan. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly help your organization learn from the breach and fully bolster your defenses against similar future situations.

After helping modify your network, we will train and work with your own employees to train them in the rules/technologies required to maintain your new level of security.

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