20 Oct

3 Network Vulnerabilities to Prepare for…NOW

With data breaches of all varieties constantly in the news these days, it’s hard to miss the fact that the threat of a network security breach has never been more immediate, and the consequences have never been more serious. The sheer amount of personal data stored on networks—from financial records to healthcare information to personal emails—means that, more than ever, networks are targets for those with nefarious intentions.

Hackers are always working on new ways to subvert technological solutions and outsmart trained employees, taking advantage of end-user error and lack of awareness in order to gain access to and exploit private information. But the security industry works to stay one step ahead. In keeping with that, the time is now to make yourself aware of the following potential network vulnerabilities. Data breaches are too costly for customers, both in financial terms and in terms of reputation, for you to wait.



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